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Horse Racing 2016

Horse Racing 2016 is most Fabulous and Entertaining Game for Everyone. If you want to feel real horse racing championship, show your desire and courage to play this game. This Game Uniqueness makes you play this game for hours, you will love to play this game again and again. Features - 6 Horses with 6 Jockeys to race with. - Each Horse has its unique abilities. - 6 Different tracks. - 10 Seasons + Season Finale. - 55 Events to Play. - Different climatic conditions and Day & Night Races. - 5 Different race types : Time Trial, Normal, Straight, Hurdles, Free Rider - 4 Players Offline Split screen Multiplayer - Intuitive controls and Easy UI. Get Ready for Real Action, Real Adventure, Real Horse Racing Championship.........

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Horror Adventure VR

                                             Horror Adventure VR is a interactive experience set in a procedurally generated haunted house. You're a paranormal investigator and you find yourself exploring what appears to be a old abandoned manor. You will be able to interact with basic items and limited tools at your disposal. The procedurally generated random house will create random locations and scares for you. So make sure to keep your eyes open at all the times, put your headphones on and enjoy the game! Features: 1. Fully immersive interactive gameplay which allow the player to control various handheld elements. 2. Procedurally generated random house to increase the scare factor and replayability. 3. Featuring different demonic entities, each designed specifically according to the procedural nature of the levels. 4. Save/Load feature so that you can take a breather in between. FOR COMPLETE IMMERSION we recommend you play HORROR ADVENTURE VR standing up wearing headphones in a

Gladiator: Blades of Fury (PS4/ XBOX / STEAM / PC / OTHER)

Gladiator: Blades of Fury is a melee combat action fighting game set during the medieval period. Players can play as a gladiator from four different clans, namely the Barbarians, the Assassins, the Knights, and the Dwarves. All heroes are unique and have their own weapons, skills, and fighting styles. Test your combat skills in the tournament mode and claim the ultimate price, to be crowned the champion gladiator. The thrilling quick match mode allows you to play and practice a quick game to sharpen your skills. Explore different environments while you learn the art of combat. Features: 1. Players can choose up to 20 heroes with different fighting styles.  2. 4 Fighting clans, namely Barbarians, Assassins, Knights, and the Dwarves. 3. 7 Environments to choose from.  4. Realistic fighting experience with awesome graphics 5. 3 difficulty levels and 2 different play modes  5. Perform weapon combos, slow-motion moves to fight and win the tournament. 6. Multi-language support, English,

Epic World

Epic World is a Platformer action game with tricky elements, hidden treasures and dangerous enemies. You become an adventurer exploring a continuously evolving levels to recapture the stolen gold from the orcs king. Features :  1. 7 different stages to play. 2. Players will be excited to play 6 levels in each stage. There are 42 different levels in total. 3. Players can choose from 3 different characters with different weapons. 4. 13 types of enemies with different abilities. 5. Plenty of shiny gold coins. 6. Hidden Treasure chests. 7. 16+ unique tricky elements. Get ready for adventurous journey ahead….