About Yash Future Tech

Yash Future Tech Solutions is a group of professional developers developing and creating various iPhone and Android applications. We also deliver technical and IT solutions to the demanding market of the web development and its applications.

Cocos2d is an open source 2D game framework. The original Cocos2D framework is written in python but has since been ported to other languages and platforms.

Most notably cocos2d-iphone written in Objective-c targets iOS and MAC OS -X. Cocos2D-X is written in C++ and targets mainly iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. There is also cocos2d-iphone-android for Android written in Java, Cocos2d-html5 and cocos2d-javascript for web development and a variety of other, less popular ports.

Yash future Tech is working in cocos2d game engine

Feed The Panda

Feed The Panda HD is simply incredible and highly addictive game. ......

Cricket League

Cricket League quiz HD is an interesting game for cricket lovers.In this game user have 10 question

Treasure by luck

When user click on any of the given image, it will be flipped and give the Hidden Treasure collect all the Treasure and enjoy the game