About Yash Future Tech

Yash Future Tech Solutions is a group of professional developers developing and creating various iPhone and Android applications. We also deliver technical and IT solutions to the demanding market of the web development and its applications.


  • Our office is 500 sq. ft spacious enough to comfortably accommodate our 50 employees and all required infrastructure.
  • All workstations, servers and communication channels are centrally managed from dedicated infrastructure room.
  • Two conference room for internal meeting and conference with client across the world.
  • Fully equipped in-house training room with LCD projector.
  • A cafeteria for employees and guest.



  • All workstations and servers are protected by both hardware and software firewalls which are automatically updated.
  • Daily scanning of all workstations and servers.
  • All communication or data interchange from workstations are controlled and properly logged to ensure highest level of protection for client’s data and intellectual property.


  • Fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are setup across the office premises.
  • Secure access to any communication medium for employees and guest.
  • Electronic card and biometric security system to get access to any place in office premises.



  • We use data centers with cloud computing infrastructure in Jodhpur to ensure that any amount of data is backed up.
  • We continuously revisit our software portfolio and newly available softwares in market to check possibility of any productivity increase through their implementation.


  • 12X6 security coverage.
  • 12 X 6 CCTV cameras for safety and security of workplace.
  • No access to any electronic devices with prior and post authorization.
  • Review access records regularly and follow-up on cards that are not used on a frequent basis.

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